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Anniedi Essien is a health transformer, social entrepreneur and tech innovator dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals, organizations and communities. A visionary strategist, Anniedi reimagines the future of health, creates inclusive spaces for millennial wellness, and empowers women in business to achieve their personal and professional dreams. Her work on social determinants of health has been recognized by the American Association for World Health / World Health Organization.



Anniedi has a powerful new message to deliver to today's leaders who seek wellness where they live, work and play:

"You are the most valuable player in the game of life. I see you.

And I was put on this planet to help you win."




From motivational keynotes to panel moderation and workshop facilitation, Anniedi is a dynamic storyteller who shares her message with a variety of audiences, including academic institutions, corporate executives, community organizations, professional associations, and industry conferences. Her communication style offers a refreshing blend of humor, insight and inspiration to empower event participants to reimagine the future of health and wellness.

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Word on the street

Senior Vice President, Walmart Health

“I had the great pleasure to work with Anniedi over a number of years as she helped drive a strategic exercise to assess opportunities in healthcare at Walmart. Her leadership was critical in bringing the broader teams together around the vision – from her ability to share from her own experience to the enthusiasm and creativity she brought to the effort. The team benefited immensely from her project management and learned extensively from her, which enabled us to drive many of these opportunities to a successful conclusion.” 


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Anniedi Essien is CEO and Founder at Idem Spark where she advises business leaders on building the workforce of the future by fusing cutting edge well-being and leadership development strategies. Anniedi delivers keynotes, workshops, consulting and coaching programs for diverse audiences. She loves teaching top performers how to slay their well-being and career goals with powerful insights as a former corporate health and wellness executive.

Anniedi is a trusted advisor to C-level and senior leaders and was a founding member of PwC’s New Entrants and Innovators in Health consulting practice at Strategy&. She drove growth strategies, disruptive innovation, and employer driven wellness solutions for the top global brands, including Fortune 10 clients. Prior to PwC, Anniedi designed market expansion strategies for Medtronic, executed strategic partnerships for EmblemHealth, and managed corporate wellness programs for GE Energy. Her work on social determinants of health has been recognized by the American Association for World Health / World Health Organization.

With twenty years of health industry experience, workforce well-being expertise, and a people first mindset, Anniedi is passionate about human flourishing. She is a Co-Founder of Healthtech Women Charlotte, a non-profit dedicated to getting more women into the C-Suite by building a diverse innovation ecosystem, developing emerging leaders and cultivating entrepreneurship.

Anniedi holds an MBA in Strategy from NYU Stern School of Business and a BA in Biomedical Ethics from Brown University. She is a foodie, yoga lover and avid karaoke enthusiast.

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